Infrared Thermography Principles

ITP 101: Infrared Thermography Principles
3-Day Class (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm)

This course is designed to educate engineers and technicians on infrared thermographers with no prior training or those who have had only operator training. POWERPRO uses a variety of techniques, including hands-on demonstrations, to teach about infrared theory, all major applications, and camera operation. The course fully meets ASNT’s educational requirements for Level certification.

Who can Attend:

The course is addressed to instrumentation, process, electrical and automation engineers with beginning and intermediate levels of expertise and interested people who want to get an understanding of thermography and its applications


  • This class will provide the basic skills maintenance and plants engineer/Technician should have including:
  • Understand the difference between a visual image and a thermal image
  • Realize what that difference means to you to be able to find latent electrical defects like bad connections
  • Understand some limitations of thermal imaging
  • Understand the common types of electrical defects in High, Medium and low voltage that can be detected with a thermal imager
  • Be exposed to the benefits of thermal imaging for improving maintenance practices
  • Tips and tricks on using a Fluke Thermal Imager to help detect electrical defects
  • Thermography study Reporting Procedure using fluke software

Practical Exposure: Fluke Ti400 IR Thermal Camera
Software: Fluke SmartView Software