Protective Relay

PRT 101: Protective Relay: Testing, Maintenance and Commissions

4-Day Class (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m)

Protective Relays are an important part of any electrical system, as they will prevent failures which can result in costly damage of equipment. It is therefore prudent to test their performance, as well as associative technologies to ensure worry-free long term operation. Commissioning engineers and protection departments are faced with numerous technical challenges and the need to operate efficiently to meet the economic demands of developments such as the liberalization of the energy market.

Who can Attend:

The course is addressed to engineers with beginning and intermediate levels of expertise. Participants will use the ISA Protective Relay Test Kit DRTS 6.


Our instructor has a long experience in training and testing of electrical apparatus.


This class will provide the basic skills every modern relay tester should have including:

  • Electrical Fundamentals, Three-Phase Electric Power Systems and Frequency
  • Why and how protective relays are applied
  • Understand phasors and phasor diagrams
  • What do these numbers mean? (50/51/67/etc.)
  • Compare single-line, three-line, manufacturer, and DC drawings
  • Communicate with relays and test-sets
  • Analyse and Test for the different Protection Types
  • Build effective and efficient test plans
  • Apply basic relay testing procedures
  • Digital relay logic
  • Understanding fault types
  • Testing E-M Relays (50/51/ etc.)
  • Substation configurations
  • Zones of Protection

Practical Exposure: ISA TEST DRTS 6 Relay Test Kit

Software: ISA TDMS software