Switchgear, Circuit Breaker & Hipot Testing

SCB 102: Switchgear, Circuit Breaker and Hipot Testing: Operation, Maintenance and Testing
4-Day Class (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm)

The participants will be familiarized with functions, selection criteria and testing of medium‐voltage devices. They will also have Medium‐voltage switchgear design competency with standards, types and planning criteria. They will also be familiarized with types, operation and testing of Circuit Breakers. The class training will be complemented by class workshops, discussion on industry best practices.

Who can Attend:

Prospective students are engineers with beginning expertise level and those that have a basic understanding of the power system such as Watts, VARs, Ohm’s Law, etc. Participants would make use of ISA circuit breaker analyser and microhmmeter CBA 1000.


Our trainer has a long experience in training and testing of electrical apparatus.


This class will provide the basic skills every switchgear and circuit breaker tester should have including:

  • Switchgear Design Function, fundamental characteristics
  • Switchgear types
  • Medium‐voltage switchgear installations
  • Switchgear Building specifications
  • Circuit Breaker General Overview
  • Open and Close time measurement of main and auxiliary contacts
  • Main contacts static resistance
  • Main contacts dynamic resistance
  • CBA Pro Software
  • How to create a test plan
  • Remote control and results management
  • AC/DC HIPOT testing on Cables, Switchgears and Circuit Breaker
  • AC/DC VLF HIPOT Testing

Practical Exposure: ISA TEST CBA 1000 Circuit Breaker Test Kit
Software: ISA CBA Pro Software
– How to create a test plan
– Remote control and results management