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PowerPro Company was recently contracted to perform acceptance testing of installed High Voltage cables according to the IEC 60502-2-2014 regulations at Nkusi Power Station prior to commissioning of the station.

The Nkusi Hydroelectric Power Station, also referred to as Nkusi Power Station, is a 9.6 MW (12,900 hp) hydroelectric power station under construction/near completion in the Western Region of Uganda.


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The required testing activity was accomplished using our innovative Baur Viola-TD VLF and Diagnostics Test set.

The Very Low frequency (VLF) Technology has proved its effectiveness over the past two decades for commissioning testing of newly installed cables and also for maintenance testing of aged cables to eliminate critical weak spots.

While the testing procedures of the past (DC testing) were sometimes actually damaging to the cable insulation, modern VLF test sequences guarantee damage-free cable testing.

You may also want to check our new Portable system for pre-location and pin-pointing of underground cable faults: The BAUR Syscompact 2000 portable cable fault location system.


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Baur Cable Fault Location System


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