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Cable Fault Locators

CDS Series & VLF Thumper Combination

Technical Specification

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Controlled Energy Capacitor Discharge Systems Surge Generators – Thumpers
HVI produces some of the most powerful and full featured fault locators available, including the top Network Systems thumper available. All the features needed for efficient fault finding can be found in our thumpers,
don’t settle for less:

• Three full joule output voltage settings

• Three fully variable hipot output voltages
• The highest Burn current available
• Internal Arc Reflection and Current Impulse filter
• Compatable with nearly all TDR/radar models
• The most rugged and reliable design
• World’s only VLF Thumper combination

Thumper Specification Review
Don’t handicap your fault finding efforts by buying a thumper with only half the features necessary, like some with no hipot output. For the same or less money you can buy a full featured thumper. Always specify: vt33

• A variable hipot output with high burn current of at least 200mA
• At least two full joule output voltage settings, preferably three,
and with at least 1000 joules of energy for URD, 3000 for Network
• Variable discharge rate from 6 – 10 seconds
• A remote TDR/radar, not one built-in, for flexibility,
versatility, ease in service, and ease in use


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