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Mersen offers peripheral (passive) products used to optimize operation and increase safety and reliability of power conversion systems.

Power conversion

In today’s world, many industrial electrical applications require conversion of one form of power to another such as AC to DC, DC to AC or DC to DC. These power conversions utilize power electronics to perform the conversion in drives, inverters or converter products.

Mersen solutions for power management offer a broad range of cooling products to cool the power electronics, bus bars to manage the interconnectivity of power electronics and specially designed fuses to protect the power electronics from destructive current faults.


World n° 1 in brushes and brush-holders for industrial electric motors

  • Major player in the global industry
  • Expertise acquired in the various systems used around the world for more than 120 years

Mersen offers complete technical solutions for all motor and generator applications:

  • carbon brushes,
  • brush-holders,
  • brush-rockers (brush rocker rings)
  • slip-ring assemblies
  • signal transmission systems
  • current collection (pantograph strips, current collectors).

Our LFC 554 (turbogenerators), CG626 (wind turbine generators) and EG34D (DC motors) carbon grades are currently regarded as benchmark around the world.