High Power DC Electronic Load Model 63200 series

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Key Features:
  • Power Rating: 2.6kW, 5.2kW, 6.5kW, 10kW, 10.4kW,14.5kW, 15.6kW
  • Voltage range: 0~80V/0~600V/0~1000V
  • Current range: Up to 1000A
  • CC, CR, CV, CP load modes
  • Master/Slave paralleling control mode, allow synchronous load control under static and dynamic loading mode (Up to 93.6kW)
  • Dynamic loading: Up to 20kHz
  • Only need 1V to draw rated current
  • Programmable slew rate, up to 41A/μs
  • Measurement: Voltage / Current / Power/Resistance
  • Large LED/LCD display
  • External loading waveform simulation
  • Short circuit simulation and short circuit current measurement
  • Full protection: OC, OP, OT protection and OV, reverse alarm
  • Versatile remote controller
  • GPIB & RS-232 interfaces
  • Surge load capability
  • Battery discharge timer

Application specific load simulation

Chroma’s 63200 series electronic loads provide constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage and constant power modes.

The CC and CR mode load simulation is helpful to test whether the output voltage of the UUT remains stable, or regulated under different load conditions. For battery chargers, CV mode can change the output voltage to test if the battery charger is providing the correct charging current corresponding to the battery voltage. If the UUT is a battery, the electronic load is able to simulate the behavior of the device that uses the battery. For many battery discharge applications, power consumption patterns need to be analyzed. The constant power, or CP mode, is ideal for these applications.

Application specific load simulation

Low voltage operating characteristics

For low voltage/high current applications, the 63200 series is available with a low voltage mode, which provides ultra-low voltage operation and in many cases can compensate for large voltage loss in the input wiring.

The 63200 series loads use a current closed loop design connecting all power MOSFET devices in parallel, to insure high accuracy load control with minimal drift (less than 0.15% of the current setting). The MOSFET technology keeps the input impedance to a minimum and enables the load to draw very high current even at very low voltages. For example, the model 63209 is capable of drawing 1,000A at only 1V input.


The Chroma 63200 series loads have a built-in 15-bit precision A/D converter that can achieve 0.05%+0.05% F.S., 0.1%+0.1% F.S. and 0.3%+0.3% F.S. accuracy for voltage, current, and power measurements respectively. These measurements can be displayed simultaneously on three big LED readouts for convenience. In addition to standard measurements, the 63200 series also provides voltage and current monitor outputs, which are useful when the user needs to monitor the voltage and current waveform via a scope.

Dynamic loading and control

Modern electronic devices operate at very high speeds; therefore, it is important for an electronic load to perform well during the transient and dynamic testing. To satisfy these testing applications, the 63200 loads offer outstanding high speed, programmable dynamic load simulation and control capabilities. The figure below shows the programmable parameters of the 63200 load modules. The programmable slew rate makes the simulation of transient load changes demanded by the requirement of real life application possible. The internal waveform generator of the 63200 is capable of producing a maximum slew rate of 25A/μs (63208), and dynamic cycling up to 20kHz. Its dedicated remote load sense and control circuitry guarantee the minimum waveform distortion during continuous load changes.

Dynamic loading and control

Master / Slave parallel control

When higher power is required, it is common to parallel two electronic loads together to draw higher current. The 63200 series high power loads have a smart Master/Slave control mode. When the loads are set to Master/Slave mode, users can program the loading (CC mode only) on the master unit. The loading current values of the slave unit(s) will be calculated and downloaded by the master unit automatically. In short, unlike traditional designs, users now have the option of operating several loads in Master/Slave mode as a single load unit.

Master / Slave parallel control

External loading waveform simulation

The 63200 series electronic loads can be controlled by an external analog control signal, which is generated by any kind of signal or an arbitrary waveform generator. This makes it capable of simulating any loading waveform observed in the field within the load specifications.

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