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Are you looking to hire equipment for Power Substation testing & commissioning, insulating oil tests, infrared thermography, industrial power audit and energy logging? PowerPro is the place to look….

PowerPro offers a wide inventory of stock equipment and is the place to get what you need! We operate a very friendly and flexible rental terms. Rental saves you time, capital expenses, the stress of thinking of re-calibrating existing equipment and much more benefits.

Our Test Equipment rentals advantage

By using our unequalled and flexible rental services; you will

Avoid or reduce capital expense.

Keep projects on track

Saves you time by using our well-maintained test solutions

Be able evaluate equipment before purchasing

Save maintenance cost

Protect against unused equipment and lots more 

Below is a description of some of our equipment available for rental






ISA CBA 1000


Circuit Breaker Analyser: For complete test on circuit breakers.

CBA 1000 can operate both from mains (AC or DC) and from an internal rechargeable battery.

-          Circuit Breaker timing test set.

-          Motion and speed analyzer.

-          Static and dynamic contact resistance measurement.

-          Built-in 200A micro Ohmmeter




Automatic Three-Phase Relay Test Set. For Secondary Injection test on relays

-          Multi-tasking test set designed for testing protection relays, energy meters, Transducers.

-          IEC61850 Protocol interface.

-          Up to 9 current and 6 voltage outputs.


GE Kelman Transport X Kit


Portable DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) and moisture in oil test set and accessories.

-          Portable DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) and moisture in oil

-          Measures individually all 7 fault-gases plus water content (moisture) from a manually taken oil sample

-          Provides all results and a diagnostic based on several methods in less than 30 minutes

-          Ideal for all sizes of transformers tanks

-          Generation to Distribution transformers


HV Inc. AC HIPOT and

Accessories (PFT- 503CMF)


AC HIPOTS, for go/no-go, or pass/fail, voltage withstand test in circuit breakers and switchgears

-          Ideal for testing many types of substation apparatus, motors/generators, isophase bus, and other loads requiring an AC withstand test

-          Used for testing vacuum bottles, switchgear, reclosures, circuit breakers.


HV Inc Oil Dielectric

Tester and Accessories


HV Inc. DTS 60A: Oil Dielectric and BDV Test Kit.

-          Provide repeatable, accurate measurement of breakdown voltage of insulating 
oils used in electrical equipment.

-          For both field and laboratory use.


Omicron CPC100


Universal testing device for electrical Diagnostics

-          Tests on transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, grounding systems, lines and cables, and circuit breakers.

-          Up to 800 A or 2000 V with up to 5 kVA over a frequency range of 15 Hz - 400 Hz or 400 A DC


Omicron CPTD1/B1

and Accessories


Capacitance/dissipation factor testing device (tan delta).

-          Measures the capacitance and dissipation factor (power factor) together with the CPC 100

-          Allows for testing at variable frequencies

-          Measures Watt Losses, Power (effective power, apparent power, reactive power) and Impedance (absolute value, phase, inductance, resistance, quality)


Omicron CP CB2


Accessory to the CPC 100 for current requirements up to 2000 A

-          For increased CPC 100 output current up to 2000A

-          Ideal for Primary current injection for current transformer test

-          Used for Primary current injection for relay test


Omicron CP SB1


Switch box for fully automatic testing of three-phase power transformers

-          Simplifies measurement of three-phase power transformers when used with CPC 100

-          Transformer ratio and winding resistance can be measured for every Tap Changer.


Fluke 435-II


Three Phase Power Quality and Energy Logger/Analyzer

-          Three-phase Power Quality And Energy Analyzer

-          Helps locate, predict, prevent, and troubleshoot power quality problems in power distribution systems

-          Enables users to capture voltage, current and frequency signals simultaneously at a high speed

-          Measure the efficiency of inverters by simultaneously measuring the DC and AC power of the system

-          View graphs and generate reports: With included analysis software


Fluke Ti400


Infrared Thermal Camera

-          Used for Infrared Thermography Survey in Industries, Residential, Construction and Process Companies.

-          Ideal for Proactive and Predictive Maintenance Applications.


Fluke 1625-2


Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester Kit

-          Used for 3- and 4-pole earth ground measurement, 4-Pole soil resistivity testing, 2-pole resistance measurement AC, 2- and 4-pole resistance measurement DC

-          Selective testing, no disconnection of ground conductor (1 clamp)

-          Stakeless testing, quick ground loop testing (2 clamps)

-          Earth impedance measurement at 55 Hz