Insulation Testing

Preventive maintenance is a predetermined task performed based on a schedule and its objective is to keep equipment in good condition to avoid breakdowns. With properly scheduled monitoring and data collection, this testing can be very useful in analyzing and predicting the current and future behavior of equipment. Early problem detection helps avoid major repairs, resulting in cost savings when compared to a run-to-failure maintenance practice. Preventive maintenance has the added benefit of pre-planning for necessary parts and resources.

As your insulation starts to age and is exposed to environmental hazards such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and chemical compounds, you may experience unexpected deterioration. To avoid dangerous electrical hazards.

Powerpro offer insulation resistance testing, our Electrical Technicians and experts have the knowledge to accurately identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations for better product performance with  Fluke 1625-2 Kit.

Powerpro Insulation Resistance Testing Capabilities Includes:

Ø  Insulation Resistance (IR)

Ø  Dielectric Absorption Ratio

Powerpro ensures that our testing is conducted in accordance with industry standards and is compliant with specifications. We deliver customer satisfaction through quick turnarounds, accurate testing,