Underground Cable Fault Location

Faults on underground cables can lead to a voltage breakdown, which can cause unnecessary and costly downtime for your plant or equipment.

Using Syscompact 2000 and other cable fault locators, our highly-trained experts handle every stage of the process, from location of the fault and daylighting, to testing, splicing and restoration, quickly and efficiently getting your facility operational again.

We carry out cable fault location on either overground or underground cables and provide an engineer to carry out safe electrical system switching who can take control of the supply and identify the location of the fault.

Our cable fault location services will also include the following:

Ø  Carry out Safe Cutting of the Identified Cable

Ø  Phasing, Testing, Cutting

Ø  Arranging Jointing Materials and Cable

Ø  Jointing and Terminating

Ø  Switching

With our state-of-the-art TDR and thumper equipment, Powerpro are the fastest solution to get your plant or equipment back online when you discover a fault.

Once we’ve quickly deduced the approximate location of the fault, we can carefully pinpoint the fault before daylighting, repairing, testing and restoring the cable – getting your plant or facility up and running again as soon as possible.